Friday, September 7, 2012

DIY Jewelry Board

I apologize for not taking "during" photos.  I wasn't really thinking of posting this, but then I was so proud of the finished product, I decided to go ahead and share.  I took bits and pieces from several different people and then added my own touch.  I really liked this board and this one.  I bought a solid wooden cabinet door from Habitat Reuse for $1.  From Habitat, I also got 2 old hooks, like locker hooks.  I found the velvety black fabric in my stash...why do I have black velvety material in my stash?  Who knows!  Then it got interesting.  I really wanted to use the drawer pulls I had collected, but mine were not nearly as pretty as Anna's.  I finally got all my jewelry out and grouped it, so I would know what I had and needed for storage. 

First I covered the board with batting.  But, I didn't have any batting, so I cut a piece out of the old mattress pad I had.  Then I covered the board with the material and stapled it to the back of the door.  I decided to go with the cup hooks.  I measured mine 2 inches apart and alternated them down the board.  I made extra so I can get some new earrings!  A girl can never have too many earrings.  Then I drilled the holes at each mark.  BUT, when I reversed the drill bit, it brought the mattress pad with it.  So, I had to take the staples out of the fabric and remove the pad. Because I am cheap thrifty, I decided to go without padding.  Of course at this point I ran out of staples and I didn't have a car.  So this project went back on the to-do list. 

Finally I get back to the project and get the board covered, all the holes drilled and begin screwing in the numerous cup holders, at which point I decided maybe a girl doesn't need so many earrings!  :-)  I used the two old hooks, painted white, to hold my long necklaces and more cup holders for my special necklaces.

My last step was attaching the grease cups.  Yep!  I got grease cups used with grills to hold my non-hanging jewelry.  I opted not to paint them because I was afraid of chipping. 

And here it is:

You can't really tell in the pictures, but I hung my earrings by color.  I was also able to hang my rings!  Now this proudly hangs in my dressing room and I can see all my choices!  I am hoping this will help me wear my jewelry more!

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