Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with people that I doubt I would have ever reconnected with.  It gives me a way to reconnect with boundaries.  I share only what I want and they share only what they want.  We aren't sitting awkwardly with each other trying to evade questions we would really rather not answer.  We get to see photos of their lives and feel like we have not missed anything.  We get to wish all these people happy birthday without spending a penny or getting out of our house.   I have now connected with people from just about every aspect of my past life.  That is exciting.

For the past several months, the buzz seems to be about Pinterest.  Well, at least among my women friends.  There is some debate over whether one should sign up for this and whether it will be helpful or just another time suck.  I have found Pinterest to be a vital tool for me.  You see, my memory seems to be ebbing away.  Either that or I just have SO much IMPORTANT information stored that where that recipe for chicken is just doesn't make the list.  Whatever, Pinterest is my new  storage unit.  It is my file cabinet, my bulletin board, my online memory!  If I see something online, a new project, a recipe, an outfit, or a book, I simply pin it to my board in Pinterest and then go on my happy way.  When I need to retrieve said item, I simply log into Pinterest and search for the photo, I am a VERY visual learner, and bam, I am sent to the link!  It has really made the internet easier for me to manage.

For Christmas, I gave my parents a webcam.  On Christmas day, my brothers set up the camera and we got to "see" all my family.  It felt as if we were there in my parents' home with them.  I didn't get to feel my mom's arms around me, but it was the next best thing.  Now I want to be able to connect with my little nieces more.  I think I have convinced my brother and his wife to get a webcam for themselves.  I am so excited!  I have already begun to plan activities and books I want to read to them!  They are homeschooled, so I am hoping to be able to help in some of their lessons!  It feels like the best of both worlds.  I get to see my family and talk face to face without having to leave my home in North Carolina and all my friends here.  Recently I had a "coffee date" with a friend who lives in Iowa.  It was so cool to get to see her and talk.

Technology has many pros and cons.  I know that all of the above can be abused and used for evil.  But like everything in life, there is a light side and a dark side.  I continue in my quest to look at the light side and find it wherever I go.   What gifts have technology given to you?


  1. You were on my heart the other day...funny the way God created our minds! Hope all is well, xo Natalie

  2. It gives me the opportunity to write and be read that I am in complete control of. No $$. No need for agent or publisher or anyone telling me it's not good enough. It has opened a new world to me.