Friday, March 8, 2013


My first week in Texas, my mom was in ICU and everything was hour to hour.  You felt on constant alert except when you got home and just dropped into bed. Then up early to start over the next day.  That week my cousin, Donna, was here.  She was with my mom through the first surgery, and I was supposed to be there for the home recoup time.  Donna was exhausted from the first week of caring for my mom.  Regardless, she was adamant about staying until Mom got out of ICU.  At times it was hard having constant company, but mostly it was comforting to not be alone.  She is older than me, so I did not really know her from my childhood.  It was interesting sharing the stories of our grandmother and aunts and uncles.  We each had such different experiences. When we talk about looking for the positives in any situation, this was it for me.  Getting to know her better made that time in ICU so much better.

Donna had a surprise for me.  She had made a quilt for me.  It was made of 1930's replica fabric and just the right size.  It has daisies and she didn't even know that was my favorite flower!  I spent a lot of time under that quilt napping, or watching movies as I sat by mom's bed.  It was a constant reminder that I was not alone.  My family was behind me.  They were all a call away.  Donna may never realize what that gift meant to me.

Now I am home, and as I write this post, my quilt is on my lap.  Here so far from my family is a constant reminder that I am loved and part of a great big loving family.

Thank you, Donna, for sacrificing your time to be with me and mom.  You continue to look after her and I want you to know I appreciate that so much!

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