Monday, December 28, 2009


Firsts are fraught with anxiety. Your first kiss, will you miss, will you suck at it, will you bump noses? Your first cake, will it fall, will taste horrible? And on and on. So it is with writing. Your first sentence is the most difficult one. Many writers say that they just begin writing in the middle of the story and go back at the end to write the beginning. Well, as a blogger, you can't really do that. So here I am writing my first post. Now, to be perfectly honest, this is not my first EVER blog post. I have started 4 blogs. Yes, FOUR!! The first blog, KaKi's Knitting Basket, was quite a success. I wrote on that blog for several years and learned about myself as a writer and a knitter. The second blog was a secret blog, where I could write without anyone knowing. It didn't work out too well. The other 2 never really got off the ground. I think I wrote one post each, and that was it. I have learned from this experience, that I love having readers. I enjoy the feedback. So I decided to try again. 2010 is a year of new beginnings for my family. There is a major career move that is new, exciting and scary. My oldest will be leaving home for college in 2010, which is exciting and scary. So I think 2010 is a good time to return to the blogging world. I feel the need to express the thoughts and feelings that will be sure to come in the next months. So, sit back and enjoy. I hope you can find some laughs, ideas, and things to think about here.

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