Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth Day

I am hoping on Tuesdays to challenge myself to do something for our earth.  I love Erin's blog, The Conscious Shopper.  She mixes being good to the earth with being good to our wallets.  Since I have a very limited amount of money to "play" with each month, this is important to me.  I want to do so many things, but they just aren't all feasible on my income.  Erin helps me choose by doing the research for me.  I like that!  Plus, on Mondays she gives challenges to her readers.  Therefore, I may simply write here about her challenge and how I am going implement it, and sometimes I may have my own ideas!

Several weeks ago I won some produce bags from Erin.  She had a giveaway from EcoBags - right now she has a giveaway for some glass straws!!  Go look!  Anyway, I really like the bags.  I never realized how many of those plastic things I get at the store!  Plus, I like to buy in bulk when I can, not just for the packaging, but to reduce waste.  So these bags help out greatly!  After my first shop using the bags, I realized I needed more.  Instead of ordering more, I went to JoAnne's and bought some muslin to make my own.  I got some fabric paint and I am going to make some cool ones.  This is the week.  I am working on my kitchen some, but with the kids on spring break and my daughter gone, I don't have any driving responsibilities, so I am going to tackle the bags.

Do you use reusable bags at the grocery store?  Always?  Where do you store your bags so you won't forget?  Are you still using the plastic produce bags?  Think about ways you can reduce your use of plastic bags this week.

Check in on Crafty Friday to see some bags!  (good, give myself a deadline and I'll get it done!!!)  I'm such a smart girl!!!  :-)


  1. I DO use reusable bags ... have for about one year. I keep them in the back of the van (one bag holds the other bags). To be sure that I have them, I force myself to return them to the car immediately after unpacking. It was difficult to remember to use them at first, so to develop the habit, I made myself return to the parking lot for them prior to checking out. A few times that meant leaving my cart at customer service, but it worked. A few times of inconvenience help a new habit form!

  2. My favorite way to use cloth bags is keeping one or two in my purse. I like my chico bag, which folds up into itself, because I always have it in my purse, and therefore don't forget it when I stop into a store.