Saturday, March 27, 2010


When I was an elementary teacher, I was able to fly by the seat of my pants and be extremely flexible.  I have been wondering where that trait has gone.  But I have realized that I was able to be flexible because I was in an incredibly structured environment.  My days were mapped out one to two weeks in advance(depending on the principal).  Within that structure, I could be flexible.  Now that I am home, I no longer have that structure.  Therefore, I find being flexible extremely hard!  I NEED STRUCTURE.  I need a plan.  I like to know what my days are going to look like.  If there are no anchors, such as a game, carpool, meeting a friend, I feel lost.  I end up not getting anything done at all, and some days not even showering.  So, I am going to find some ways to structure my days.  I am starting with structuring my blog.  This will give me a purpose to write everyday, and I am hoping that after I write for the blog, I can move straight into my other writing.  I will let you know how that goes.

Here is the structure I am proposing for my blog:
Monday:  Menu Planning
Tuesday:  Earth Day
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday
Thursday:  Love Thursday
Friday:  Creative Crafts

I am excited to have something to look forward to each day.  I hope you will join me to see how it goes and if I can come up with something funny, insightful or inspiring each day.

This sense of structure is weighing heavy on me as I look forward.  My son is leaving home soon.  My daughter is entering the teen years of pulling away from her family and being a little more independent. Gone are the days of sitting down together after school and watching a tv show together, or going to the mall together, or doing much of anything together.  Her days are filled with studying, babysitting, going to choir, and hanging with her friends. So when the boy leaves and takes his baseball games with him, I will lose a lot of my structure, a lot of what I look forward to every day.  So what to do with this time when I do feel well?  I have many thoughts and interests which I need to begin to pursue.  Because a person who needs structure tends to become depressed when she doesn't have structure.  I'm just saying.

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