Thursday, April 1, 2010

Love Thursday - April 1

Today, I am loving:

1.  My kitchen nearing completion!!!  I started this renovation process back in October.  I worked really hard and I love how it is turning out.

2.  Friends who can and will do the work in the kitchen I can't do myself!

3.  Spring Break!  Both my kids have the same spring break this year!  Of course, Allie went to Virginia with her friend, and Stephen has been off with his friends, but they are off together, and the pace is slower!

4.  Having coffee with my neighbor.  I love you, Anna!

5.  My fabulous friend who was yardless and knew I wanted a pretty yard but couldn't make it happen!  For two years she has worked on my yard and this is the year it pays off!  Wow!  So many pretty things blooming!  And the good news is?  All perennials!

6.  The sun!  My moods, energy, outlook are all tied to the sun.  Welcome back!!!

These are just a few of the things I am loving this week, what about you?  Leave me a comment about what you are loving!

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