Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love Thursday - April 8

This week I am loving:

1.  Spending Easter with my family and not stressing over church.  Although I will admit I sort of, kind of missed being in church.

3.  Celebrating my husband's birthday!

4.  Of course watching even more flowers bloom in my yard.....although the pollen is KILLING me!!!

5.  Knitting with dear friends.  I met with Jackie and Betsy on Tuesday and today...Amy!!  Can't wait.  we are going to try a new yarn store.  I try to take lots of pics!!

That is what I am loving this week, what about you?  Leave me a comment telling me something you are loving!


  1. * I'm loving your blog's new look.
    * Getting to have lunch with a friend.
    * Having one paper nearly done and beginning another. (I'm trying to not stress about the project I still need to do.)
    * Ummmmm ... I'm loving that I feel like life still is fully possibilities.