Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last night my daughter and I went to our annual Mother/Daughter Christmas Party. Due to everyone's busy schedules, it didn't happen before Christmas! This is a group of girls who have gotten together through church. They have all known each other since they were little, but didn't really become close until 6th or 7th grade. Now they are like sisters. What is nice is that the mothers all get along, and the girls don't mind if we are around some of the time. So the girls give each other homemade gifts every year, and the moms coordinate dinner and whose house. The girls sit in the middle of the floor with the moms all around watching. I think the moms spend more time watching the girls' faces and reactions than the actual gift opening. It is priceless to see these almost 15 year olds giggle and squeal with delight over their gifts. It is amazing to see the talent these girls posess. The thought each one puts into individual gifts is astounding. One girl chose a photo of her and the girl, then painted a wooden frame to match the girl's personality. Then she wrote phrases that reminded her of good times with that girl. Then, she wrapped the present in a theme. Like my daughter's was all pink, and then the wrapping had shoes, purses, fashion stuff on it. Another girl's was wrapped in music, and another in a bandana. Such creativity in this group.

I was struck with the ease and the confidence with which they offered these gifts of the heart. They didn't apologize, they didn't seem scared the gifts wouldn't be appreciated. The confidence of knowing their gifts would be loved by these girls was mind blowing.....I mean they are 15!!! The moms talked after the girls went down to the basement to watch a movie (in the "estrogen cave" a name they gave their newly remodeled theater room). We all felt the lucky we were to be witness to that night. A couple of us have older children and we realize that our days are numbered. Maybe....who knows with this group. It will be interesting to see. All I know is that I am truly grateful my daughter has those girls in her life. What a blessing they are to her. I pray she will always have girlfriends like that near her.

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  1. This group of friends are so loving and supportive. When I look at successful and happy people, it seems like there was, in each case, someone who "saw" this person during his/her childhood. A parent, friend, minister, teacher, coach, or sibling who acted as supporter, witness, cheerleader, accountability person, etc. A person who could see them as they were and love and support that person. Our girls have a whole group of friends who are that for each other. What an amazing gift. It makes my heart sing to know my daughter has such beautiful friends. (And, might I add, I am lucky because I really LOVE, LOVE these girls and, because of their bond, I will likely get to have them in my life forever. I will likely be part of their precious lives as they go to college, have children, struggle, grow, and carry their love into the world. Lucky me!)