Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making Friends

Last night I was transported back in time about 18 years. This was the time in our lives when Jack was studying for his Ph.D. at Baylor University and I was teaching full-time and praying for a baby. We had just moved to Waco and were making friends. This was the first time we were making friends other than our college friends. We followed many of our friends to the same seminary. Don't get me wrong, we made other friends while in seminary, but we weren't "on our own". So here we are in Waco, and we begin making friends with the Ward's, the Moore's, the Parsley's and the Russo's. I remember my nerves as we made friends together as a couple and the inevitable, "Did you like her?" "Did you like him?" "He was funny." "She was very interesting." "I'm not sure about him....but she is really neat."

Last night we returned to that era. It was the first time we had gone to dinner as a couple and not as the minister and his wife in a long time. The couple we were meeting have only been married 2 years, and have just recently left the world of grad school. So it was quite a trip back in time for us as we recounted those days with them. It was nice.

I wonder how nervous they were having us in their home. For the last year they had known us as the minister and his wife. We were intrigued by them and wanted to get to know them better, but we have a rule not to become friends with congregants, so we never followed up. When we left the church, they emailed and asked us if we would like to have dinner. Thus last night's dinner.

I don't know how nervous they were, but I know how nervous I was. I hadn't put myself out there like that in a long time. I have always had the minister's wife facade to hide behind, to protect my heart. Last night I laid it all out there. It was me, KaKi, they were seeing, and judging whether they wanted to befriend or not. It was scary, but they made it so easy. My nerves quickly calmed down as the conversation flowed. As we left, Jack and I agreed that we liked them. They both are well-educated and quite easy to talk to. They are interesting and have great stories. So then we start talking about how long do we wait to ask them out again? Don't want to seem too needy......too pesky.......then we burst into laughter. We sounded like teenagers asking someone out on a date! But it was fun, being Jack and KaKi in a social setting, making plans together to have fun with others.

This year holds lots of unknowns for us, but it also holds lots of promise and possibilities.....and hopefully new friends.

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