Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, A New Decade

2010 is upon us. This number has many people speculating about the future and what we as baby boomers thought life would be like in the 2000's. I have noticed on facebook several friends talking about what they once believed the year 2010 would look like. Many thought we would be living the life of the Jetson's. (if you don't know who they are....what are you doing on my blog????) Some wondered if we would even still be here. But everyone seems to agree that it is here, and time to go forward.

I have thought a lot about the previous decade. We moved here, my children went from preschoolers, to elementary schoolers, to middle schoolers, to high schoolers. My husband went from a full-time minister to an ...well, unemployed seeker. I went from a full-time teacher to a part-time teacher to a full-time mom. I almost lost both my mom and my dad in this last decade. My mom's mind was forever changed. And I grew up in this decade. I found myself and the ability to live with and even love myself. So the decade was packed with joy and tears.

I look back and realize a lot has changed. As I sat contemplating 2000, I knew that Jack and I were in talks with the church here. I knew that big change was coming. I knew that my health was not going to last much longer for me to continue working. I knew that my children were growing up. I knew that my parents were aging. But I had no concept of exactly how much change was coming.

Now, as I contemplate 2010, I am completely aware of the changes coming. In this decade, my children will become adults. My husband will begin a new career path. My parents' health will continue to deterirate and they may possibly die. And me? I will change too. I will no longer be a full-time mom. I will have more time on my hands. What will I do? How will I change?

If you had hinted at the amount of change coming to me back in 2000, I would have panicked. I would have been sick with worry and discontent. But I am no longer that girl. I now look forward with apprehension, sure, I am human, but with anticipation at what lays ahead. I know I can do this "looking ahead" because of who is by my side. The love of my life is with me and together, we will forge ahead.

So, as you look ahead to 2010, what adventures lay ahead? Are you ready? Are you having feelings of anticipation or apprehension? I pray for you a year/decade of change and growth. May it be so.

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