Friday, May 6, 2011

"Has God caught up with you yet?"

Today has been interesting.  This morning as I drank my coffee and ate my breakfast, I turned on the TV to watch Grey's Anatomy which I had DVRed.  It was about Arizona and Callie's wedding.  In this episode, Callie's mother is seen refusing to hold the baby and really seeming not too excited about the whole ordeal.  Finally, when Callie confronts her mother, her mother lets loose.  This mother tells her child that she cannot and  will not have anything to do with this baby who is born out of wedlock and will not acknowledge this as a wedding since it is not legal nor moral.   The hero of this story comes in the form of Dr. Bailey. She says something in comforting Callie later that really touched me.  "Where do you think God is?  He's in you!  He's in me!  He's right here between the 2 of us.  The world, it just hasn't caught up to God yet, your mother just hasn't caught up to God yet."

Then I flipped over to watch one of Oprah's shows from this week.  It was on the Freedom Riders.  I was touched and bowled over by the bravery and strength that those people had.  They were 18, 19, 21, 28 years old!! Just children, really!  And  here they were, signing their wills and testaments and getting on a bus where they were mostly assured that they would die, get arrested, or beaten.  That takes my breath away.  Oprah asks, "What do you believe in so much that you would die for?"

Many leaders are drawing a correlation between the Civil Rights Movement and the GLBT Rights Movement.  Black people were considered "less than".  The Bible was used to say that Black people were inferior to White people.  White people were scared of Black people.  Black people were killed, hated, beaten, and not honored by any laws.  Today, GLBT people are considered "less than".  The Bible is used to say that GLBT people are inferior to Straight people.  Straight people are scared of GLBT people.  GLBT people are killed, hated, beaten and not honored by laws.

Are your children going to look back and say, "Wow,  my parents stood up in a time when many thought they were wrong, to do what was right"?  Or are they going to hang their head in embarrassment?

I pray God catches up with all of us soon.

(GLBT stands for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender) ( just in case you didn't know)

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