Friday, May 13, 2011

Love Thursday

Okay, this is a day late...Blogger wouldn't let me on yesterday...So, I am going to write today!

This week I'm loving:

1.  Feeling better.  Seriously!  I can hold my head up, and actually get out of bed!!!  I lost a whole month!!!!  But I am starting my way up!

2.  My family!  I had a great Mother's Day.  They are the best!

3.  Baseball!  It is so fun to watch games online or on tv with my hubby!

4.  My daughter...she just cracks me up.  She is so disciplined!  One day this week she chose to do homework instead of hanging out with her friends...she is great!!!

5.  Bunnies in my yard!!  They are so cute!

That is what I am loving this week...what are you loving?

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