Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Conscious Shopper

I have found a new blog to read The Conscious Shopper. I can't remember how I found Erin, I think in a search for local food or something like that. ANYWAY, I have been reading her blog for a few weeks now. I was drawn to her blog because she has hit my main problem. How do I make good decisions for the environment without bankrupting my bank account? I love that she is constantly looking for ways to live within her budget while being a good citizen.

She categorizes her challenges with "Baby Steps" "Jogging Steps" and "Marathon Runner". I am almost always on the "baby step" level. But she really challenges me to rethink the status quo. I am considering changes in our home that I never even thought about before.

I wrote about her before because she was having a cool give away. I get the feeling I will be blogging about her a lot because of her give aways. I won the last one and received in the mail some great produce bags. I then went to Joanne's and bought muslin to make more. See...instead of going and buying some...I am going to make my own. I am telling you, Erin is IN MY HEAD.

Today's post has really gotten to me. I thought I was using a pretty good makeup. BUT, as it turns out, it is not rated very highly at Skin Deep Guide. So now I have a problem. I need to start over. I want to use makeup that is good for me and for the earth. Oh good grief. Any of you wear good make up???? What I like about today's post was that she shared her list of personal care products. That is soooo helpful. Okay, have you ever heard of a shampoo bar???? A conditioner bar????? I feel really out of it. I have a lot of research ahead of me.

I am very grateful to Erin for her challenges and her encouragement. I am dedicating this post to her. Go read her blog. See what changes you can make in your life. How green are you?

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