Sunday, February 7, 2010

Living Consciously

I WON! I WON! I just found out that I won some eco-friendly produce bags from The Conscious Shopper. I am very excited, not just because I won, but because I have been concerned about not having cloth bags for produce. I hate using the plastic bags at the now I don't have too.

I found the Conscious Shopper blog in my search for help in "eating local". I feel the need to switch to this way of eating and living. I have read several books lately that have confirmed this for me. The problem always comes down to how to do it on one salary. Especially now that that one salary is, well, shall we say "up in the air". So how do you follow your heart when your pocketbook can't support it? I am comforted in finding Erin. She sounds much like myself, well, much younger, but in the same situation. She is living in my area, another bonus, and is eager to live more consciously but on a budget. She has challenges each month for you to take baby steps up to Marathon runner actions. I like the real approach she has. We cannot all just give up our ways and change all at once. We must take steps to this new way of life. She even admits that in some areas she is still taking baby steps.

Besides money, the biggest obstacle for me is my health. There are just days when going out to eat or getting take out is the only way I can feed my family. Eating local and trying to do away with processed foods is a challenge. I am going to continue to look for answers, and not beat myself up as I work toward my goal.

What steps are you taking in your life to live more consciously? What ways are you helping the environment? Let me hear from you!

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