Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Plethora of Thoughts

My brain is so filled with things I want to write about today. It is interesting. Some days I sit here in front of this blank screen and can think of absolutely nothing to say. Other days I wake up in the morning and begin crafting my post in my head, I am focused on the one idea. And then other days I sit down and my mind is just so full I can't even focus on one thing. Most days, when this happens I don't post because I fear it will be too messy. To unfocused. But shoot. This is my blog and it can be what I want. Follow if you dare....

Yesterday there was absolutely nothing in my closet clean. Seriously. All that hung there was a skirt. I looked in my sweats drawer....NOTHING. I looked in the dirty clothes basket and all my bottoms were in the washer....wet!!!! So I wore a skirt. There was a time in my life where all I wore was skirts. I was a teacher and one year, I am not sure why, I wore skirts most every day. I really like wearing skirts, they make me feel so feminine. I don't have many anymore....I think I must change that. I have the one short/mid knee length basic black skirt, a long basic black straight skirt, I have a skort for the summer. But that is it. Yesterday I wore the shorter skirt with my boots and oh my felt so sexy!! I even put on jewelry and full makeup!!! You know, I got a lot done yesterday and felt pretty good all day. Maybe there is something to getting up and getting dressed to make you more productive. Of course today I am still in my pjs. But it is only 9 in the morning....I still have time. Maybe I'll go to Goodwill today and look at skirts.......

I finally finished my gift I was knitting for Jack. Now I can tell the story. You will remember that when we were at the beach, I went to the Salty Sheep and bought some "Dream in Color" yarn in the color scheme of "Nightwatch". It is blues, the color of the ocean at night....dark blues, purples...very nice. I googled men's scarves and found a pattern. Not any pattern. Okay let me back up. The first project I ever knitted was for Jack on Valentine's day and it was a scarf knitted out of some god-awful acrylic yarn. It challenged me then. I frogged and started over several times. You see, it was much like my relationship with Jack. Our relationship brings be such joy, but it challenges me at times. I have grown as a person being with him. He encourages me and challenges me to be the best me I can be. So, this new scarf needed to be really special to replace the old one. My husband is an active activist for the LGBT community. This is his passion. So the pattern I found was written in memory of Matthew Shephard. Here is what the website says,

"In 1998, Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the University of Wyoming, was beaten, tied to a fence, and left for dead. He was unconscious when his limp body was discovered by a passing cyclist the day after this vicious crime. Five days later Matthew died, never regaining consciousness. At Matthew's funeral his cousin, the Rev. Anne Kitch, asked the world to find in Matthew's life a lesson that transcends the evil of his death.
Following the directive of Rev. Kitch, Myrna Stahman designed two Seamen's scarves in memory of Matthew. Permission is granted to copy these patterns for non-commercial purposes and give them to your knitting friends. Each time you use these patterns please take some action to foster the understanding of people who are different from yourself.

Knit an extra scarf and donate it to a worthy cause.

Enjoy the "Matthew" and "Matt" patterns and the scarves you knit from them, remembering Matthew who, in the words of his father, would have been overwhelmed by what his murder has done to the hearts and souls of people around the world. Matthew was the type of person who,
if this had happened to another, would have been the first on the scene to offer his help, his hope, and his heart. Please offer your help, your hope, and your heart to make the world a better place for all.

Well, it was a big hit. He really like the scarf and appreciated the story behind it. Which leads me to Valentine's Day. We had a nice Valentine's Day breakfast where I made heart shaped pancakes and the kids got their little gift bags. Then that afternoon Jack and I went shopping for a new top for me to wear to dinner that night. I wanted him to pick something out that he liked, it was fun to do that together. Then we shared a snack before going to see "Crazy Heart". Excellent movie!!! We really loved it. Then we went home to change for dinner and went to dinner at Lucky 32. It was a lovely day. Oh! Jack wrote me a poem that just sent me over the edge. I cried and cried. He even took the time to print it on some valentine stationary that he found in my closet!! It was priceless. I am the luckiest woman in the world.

Well, I think I have poured out enough from my brain to be able to go on with my day. Hope I didn't bore you too much...

What is on your mind today? Share a comment!!! I love knowing people are reading!!!!