Friday, February 12, 2010

My Day as a Chauffer

Today I am off to drive for Raleigh Charter High School's Flex Days. The kids spend all morning in one activity and the afternoon in a different one. The activities have something to do with what they are studying. They are assigned these groups and are not given choices, I believe. I really don't know a lot about it being a freshman parent. There was too much information to take in at Orientation. Any way, they need drivers and I signed up. I will not have my daughter, they make sure of that. That is nice....but not. I would like to see her, but I know she appreciates not seeing me. In fact, my outfit must be approved by her and I am not to speak to anyone in my car. Won't I come across as mean and rude? Oh well. I think I will use my OWN judgement, a novel idea!!!

This is the second time I have done something for her school. On one hand it makes me miss teaching terribly, but on the other hand I feel grateful to be home and be able to do this. I like being a part of my daughter's school. I never got involved in Stephen's. So, off I go. Hope I don't make too many mistakes!!! ~smile~

What are you doing today?

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