Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I love snow. It is so gorgeous. I especially love the morning after a significant snow. The world is so quiet and peaceful. I love watching the big fluffy flakes fall to the ground. But I have to say I liked the snow more when we lived in Maryland. Why? Because, you might have to stay home one day, but then it was business as usual. Here in the South, snow stops everything for days. Which mind you is nice, but with teens in the house...not so much. I have had to endure the entire viewing of the second, third, and fourth seasons of "The Office". Now I love the show. It is hilarious. But hours of it? Not so much. Luckily, Allie, the teen daughter, got to get out of the house yesterday and spent the night with someone last night. We both needed a break from each other. She was getting bored and had cabin fever pretty bad. I am just ready for everyone to go back to school and work, and let me get on with MY schedule!!!! You know, that busy schedule I have!!! :-)

Just heard, more snow predicted for Friday.........

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